Brian & Lindsay

ABOUT Café A Mano

Our Story

Café A Mano is a labor of love born from years of family tradition, Brian’s experience in restaurants, large scale banquet and event service and many takeaways from Brian and Lindsay’s travel adventures.

Connecting with Food and Giving Back

Supporting Local Community through Hand Crafted, Modern Cuisine

Our goal is to connect people to each other. Food is how we do that. We strive to support our local community through partnerships with vendors, creation of jobs and the ability to give back with kindness and service.
Nana Torchia
Grandma Helen
Grandma Amelia
Mother Charlene
The Food at Cafe A Mano

Influence of Brian’s Nana, Grandmothers and Mother

All of the food at Café A Mano is based on the influence of Brian’s Nana, Grandmothers and Mother. The women in his life shaped his appreciation for shared experiences and especially for how food elevates those experiences to unforgettable memories. This is the inspiration for Café A Manos modern twist on traditional favorites.